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You as human being have the opportunity to think and that is why you are humans. We know that human beings are intellectual.

This reminds me of a story of two friends. One was prophesied to be rich and the other was told the opposite. The one that was said to be rich lacked ability of thoughts. He went ahead sleeping, expecting money to come to him as prophesied, but he became wretched. While the other one who had ability of thoughts, thought of his own future and decided to get himself in a meaningful venture, so that he will not be a pauper. At last, he became rich because he discovered himself and realized how miserable it could be if he did nothing.

You can however, discover yourself today, develop your talents; you have the talent in you simply because God has given them to you. It is left for you to get it discovered. You have it in you, develop it and let it be seen by everyone. Use it to affect their lives positively. Remember, it is only when you use your talents that you Will be .. recognized.

Some people have identified their talents but do not know the need to get themselves discovered just because they are not strong enough for the process of transformation. When you are more enthusiastic to discover yourself, it is very easy and even when you get yourself discovered you will be strong. Discover yourself today and be strong.

POSITIVE THOUGHTS                            

“Nothing is either positive or negative, but your thought makes it so ”Positive as defined by oxford advanced learner’s dictionary (7th edition) means “thinking about what is good in a situation; feeling confident that something good will happen”. Positive is synonymous to optimism.

Someone who thinks positively is always an achiever. Never you say a negative word about yourself or to others. Noticing this, I reach the consensus that there is an angel called AMEN. This angel moves around every second to say amen to anything you say either positive or otherwise. .

The reason some students fail because of negative thoughts. There was a boy, this boy had a friend called Jonad. Jonad was a very brilliant boy but his friend Festine by name was not brilliant but he would always say “I must be brilliant with the help of God “. Truly, when they got to the senior class, he woke up through the transformation of thought, he was able to achieve his dream and he made it more than his friend who was known to be the most brilliant student to all. Observing keenly, some students will tell you they cannot understand or pass one subject. How do they know? This becomes the next question.

Nobody is destined to fail and at the same time nobody brought brilliancy from heaven. You pass when you desire to pass and at the same time people fail because of their thoughts. There is a saying that “he who fails to plan, plan to fail”. When you think negatively, believe you are no more living because, you do not know what can happen in the next second.

Positive thought, my dear readers, is the best way to be successful, it is the best way to be a success. Once again, never you think negatively but always think positively. Do not say you cannot do it but always say “I will do my best”.

Remember! There is power in the tongue. “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing” —–Abraham Lincoln.


Learn to love yourself for if your very self is not loved by you, then, the probability of you loving others is nill. And when you love not others your goals can never be realized. The scripture says “love your neighbor as yourself” that shows the importance and the need to love yourself. If you do not accept and love yourself, how then will you love others?

When I say you should accept and love yourself, there are many ways of doing this other than praising yourself publicly or by rewarding yourself where people will hear you but by knowing the dos and don’ts of yourself. When you say a negative thing about yourself, what do you want others to say? If people call you some bad name, call yourself a good name. When people say you are a tout and you accept that, because of that , you will begin to act or behave like a tout, there is an adage in Yoruba that says “oruko ni n romo” if people wrongly nicknamed you, why must you have to answer the name? If people call you a failure, tell them “I am a success”.

Remember, your perception about yourself is as paramount as anything you could imagine. Have positive attitude and affirm yourself. This is because “your attitude determines your altitude in ‘life”. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Measure what you have done, are doing, and will still do and reward yourself accordingly. When you love yourself, then you will be able and it will be very easy to love others as yourself, because if you do not have clothes, you cannot pledge to buy for others. 



When I say emulation, what I mean this time is positive. When you emulate somebody positively, you will see that you are progressing academically, physically and even spiritually. 

 People emulate bad behaviors thinking that they will be praised like others as an achiever not knowing that, they are digging their own grave. When you emulate the successful ones in the community, you will however see you are moving forward there are many achievers you can emulate that is, follow their good works. People like Prof. Wole Soyinka, Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi President Obama are to be emulated from their achievements, great success, landmark and purpose. All these great achievers emulated past

hero that is why they are celebrated all over the world.

So many people misinterpret the word jealousy when using it. They will tell you when you do what others do, you are jealous of that person, not knowing that jealousy is quite different from envy. When you are jealous of something it means that you like it but if you are envious of something or somebody, you will always have the felling of wanting to be in the same situation with that person. You will feel hot. Three different words may be misused, the words which are; emulation, jealousy and envy. Do not be envious of others, let your jealousy be positive, emulate great achievers. By doing so, you will have your dreams achieved.

However, God our creator said “I am a jealous God” to tell us that jealousy is a positive‘thing.

BE BETTER             

When you copy others’ idea, your own sense of creativity will not in any way work for you because you have left it untouched. To photocopy ideas mean to pirate others’ work. Perhaps in a case of an authored work, a person wrote something and you copy this work down without the copy right permission from the writer that is piracy. When you photocopy, you kill the spirit of creativity in you. Coping the behaviors of others in a way that is too extreme it is very dangerous act and it is one of the major determinant of your uniqueness in life. When you read or you are told about an idea, you need to get them in your thoughts, think on them, add your own ideas and remove those you think are not necessarily needed. One thing about pirating ideas is that it will not only undermine you but will include others. Some teachers will tell their students they want exact thing he gave them in their note, thus, not allowing them to think on their own, to use their initiative, their thinking ability.

However, students in this category find it difficult to understand when they cram. Use your own ideas to be self dependent and well composed. “NEVER YOU BE A PHOTOCOPY HUMAN MACHINE


Goal as the name suggests is what you hope for, aim to become in future. When you have no goal, then, you are not hoping to move forward to higher level. To avoid being useless, you have to set a goal. Therefore, what do you wish to achieve in life or at a particular period of time either a short or long time goal?

Goals also means, the act of winning or making a point after going into the world to struggle and worked very hard and make achievement according to a source of knowledge. This means that without a goal, there is no achievement in life. Clarify your goals, the objectives, the milestones and the date for accomplishing them [your goals].

Here are some attribute of worthy goals;

 Your goals must be smart.

 It must be specific.

 It must be measurable.

 It must be achievable.

More also, it must reachable within your life time or an identifiable period, even after your life time. For instance, if you say if I can become a president, I will satisfy all America”, this is not an achievable goal.

In addition, it must be realistic.

“By 2020, the malady of unemployment will be eliminated”

May not be pragmatic enough because even the richest countries in the world still have some pocket of poverty. Your goals must be time bound. Goal must havé a time frame for which they will be attained, as well as dead line, With these tips, you will be successful

and achieve your goals as desired. Remember “wasted time is wasted potential, and wasted

potential is empty life”. Be very conscious of time and make good use of it.


Knowledge is the Information, understanding and skills that you gain through experience or education. it is also the state of knowing about a particular situation or fact.So many people ignorantly misunderstand the word WISDOM for KNOWLEDGE, but I tell you Wisdom is quite different from knowledge.

In this case, wisdom is the ability to make sensible decision and give good advice because of the knowledge that you have.

However, Wisdom and knowledge work hand-in-hand. That is, it is the Wisdom you have that makes you understand the Situation and give good advice. Everybody has wisdom but not everybody has knowledge about everything or a particular thing. Ask yourself this question “am i born to be knowledgeable or not? If you have the answer for this, ask another one “have I being seeking or reaching for knowledge? One of my mentors would always say “boy, always reach for knowledge.We cannot be spoon-feeding you again, you are no more a kid” . Reach for knowledge, do not sit down idly. The scripture says “seek and you shall find”. You also can apply same formula from the Holy Scripture and see your goals achieved “seek knowledge and you shall find, for it is in searching that you find”. ask for more ideas ask questions on things you do not understand. do not be afraid to do this.

Behold, be courageous, because who is born to be knowledgeable needs to be Courageous so as to acquire some knowledge. Remember, when you ask you shall be told, for it is in asking that you get 

to understand.


“Bad company corrupts good manner” an adage says. This had always been the believe of most people of our time. If you, my dear reader look deeply, into the adage above, you will see that it is possible to be true and at the same time may not work in some ways and for some people. 

You have the privilege of thinking on your own without any influence form any other person. I wonder why some people fall into the trap of bad company. There is a saying that you can only force a horse to the river but cannot force it to drink water. No one can force you to do what you do not want to do unless you are ready to do it. So many things may happen that will cause one to think negatively. All you need do is to align yourself with good friends. By doing so your goals will be achieved.Many move with people with some cunny behaviours but still maintain the morality in them. Mere saying thisdoes not say you should move with people of this category but to tell you your determination matters. Our mother language will always say “aguntan t’oba ba aja rin yoo jegbe”. Meaning, when you move continuously with people of bad behaviour, either directly or indirectly thelr behaviors will reflect in yours, which may also limit the confidence people have in you.


       Try to celebrate yourself every day.

       Remember, self esteem is how you see yourself as a person. If you value the type of person you are, . you have a good sense of self esteem, and you are “proud to be yourself and value your skills and talents, respect your own intelligent and act on your believe and feelings in a way that is morally acceptable, you will see yourself among people of your inclination, therefore making things or making path for your success.

When or may I say if you wake up early in the morning, think of something better to do that when, people see they will learn. Do not curse yourself, unlike some people, any time they experience some pains or troubles even when it is not that serious, they curse themselves. May I put it forward to you that When you celebrate yourself, you measure What you have done, are doing and will do, so as to correct, where and when necessary. When you hurt yourself, show a Sign of remorse to yourself, by saying you are sorry.

Say to yourself I am a success and I will be successful in life.


“Everyone admires the hold; no one honors the timid”. 

. Courage means the ability to do somethin g dangerous or to face pain or opposition, without showing fear.

By this, people should not be courageous to harm others but to think of how to affect their lives positively not negatively. When the lives of people around you are affected positively, then, you have the courage to reach and achieve your goals.

Do not say you will do something you can do today tomorrow. [Procrastination] start it now. Your time is limited; do not waste it living someone else’s life. Wasted time is wasted potential, wasted potential is always empty life, and that remains the fact. Be very conscious of time and make good use of it.

Do not be trapped by dogma which is living with the result of other peeple’s thinking, do not let the noise of other’s opinions draw out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. 

Moreso, remember that the weight of being , successful is replaced by the’lightness of being a  beginner again, less sure about everything. 

Build your self-confidence but do not be confident in error. The reason for this is because, there are many courageous people and they are confident in error. They argue blindly. Those people are not in any way courageous but are less courageous.


Value starts from your estimation of yourself. Estimation here is not price per sale, I mean selfworth. Worth synonymous to value, determines how you see yourself; how you develop yourself; the company you allow yourself to keep; what goes for you and what does not go for you.

      How do you see yourself?

      Do you see yourself as someone who will never make it? 

      Do you see yourself as a failure or a success?

      Do you even think of being a success? 

Ask yourself all these rhetorical questions, so as to know your self-worth. Some people may know their worth but do not define it, that is, make use of it while the reverse is the case to some people. You have low self esteem when you do not have value yourself, thereby making it very difficult for so many youths to define their self-worth.


When you realise yourself that means you are aware of a particular fact or situation. At the same time, it is to achleve something important that you want to do.

SELF is the type of person you are or the way you normally behaved, look or feel. It is your personality or character that makes you different completely from other people.

This topic is a very interesting one which is not to be taken for joke. Thinking deeply will make you understand and get the message it passes across. Reflect on it and put it into practice.

Combining SELF and ‘REALIZATION together have the act of using your skills and ability to achieve as much as you can possibly achieve.

This clue is related to self discovery, but it is quite different. REALIZATION leads to discovery. It is however when you have got yourself realized that you can say to yourself “I have got myself realized now, I can discover my talents and endowments”. ‘

You can realise yourself when you see yourself doing what you are most interested in. When you are doing this, then, you will see that it leads to self discovery. So many people believed that you cannot’discover yourself after realisation bit, is that true?

For instance as a doctor, a patient is brought to you, the first thing expected of you to do is to diagnose the patient to avoid giving or prescribing drug that is suitable for headache in place of stomach disorder. The same rule or principle is applicable to goals, if you do not know and realise the one you mostly love, you will see that you will not understand that person.

Steps to realise yourself; 

* Sit down, quietly in a tranquil environment. 

* Think of what you like doing best your passion. 

* Think of how to create love for it, because if you do not do this, it can’t be realized.

Yours may be singing, develop it. Try to compose your own song, give it a tune of your own, and then have it written down for remembrance. Yours could also be in another field; the major thing is to get them realised, for it is this that often lead to discovery which is one of the surest key to success.


God’s creation of you put to His face a wonderful smile that is what St.Paul’s letter to the Corinthians tells us.

You can however, try this, try to travel world over perhaps you cannot find someone as you, You may find some like you but can never be you.

Meanwhile, that is not the whole story, I-have read books about scientists who said that if billions of brothers and sisters from the same womb are watched, none can be exactly as the other and that remains the fact. What a unique creature are you! When you look at yourself, you will find out. You are being unique is that we have different functions and tasks to perform and fulfill. We should all say to ourselves “I am more different; I have a task, job and function to perform, if it is not done, I will be questioned and if I did not do it thoroughly, it can never be done by any other person but me”.

Let this be your watch word, everyday. The only way to know this uniqueness is to be yourself. Some of the basic law of existence is

 *Find yourself

 *Know yourself and 

*Be yourself

Now, we have become the generation of imitators, where so many people left their own name for somebody else’s. So many youths will say they want to be Ronaldo, forgetting the fact that their Own name matters. It is dangerous to imitate. This makes me conclude that imitators die prematurely. Imitation is suicide; this means if you try not to be yourself, you are killing your own personality, which may even lead to killing your soul.

Dear reader, try not to be someone else because if you try to imitate someone else, you become second rate. All great thinkers are people who dare to be themselves. Following the fact that God does not want us to be buffaloes, which run With hard; He wants us to be an eagle that fly alone and also fly high. BE YOURSELF


Hard work pays. It is the elevator that drives you to the height you desire. Though, it is not easy.

Moreover, there is still no substitute for hard work. It takes hard work for readers to read great books, novels, histories and the likes. It takes hard work for individuals to establish and run large corporations. For you to become a great and visionary leader, it needs intense hard work. Successful life does not answer to dreamers but for hard workers. If you do not like to work, you worth not even a penny. Every typical American will say “every dollar counts”. Nothing works for you until you work for it. There is a saying that to every labour there is surely a reward. That has been it. If you ask any person how the famous soccer star Lionel Messi, how he learnt all his skills, he will tell you it all require hard work. Also, the popular soccer legend Nwankwo Kanu [Papilo], how he easily ghost-pass defenders, ask Drogba, Wayne, Rooney, Dimitar Babertov and many professionals. Even Prof. Wole Soyinka, and the hosts of others , they‘ will tell you the same story.

Hard work however, means “doing” not talking. It means carrying out a function over and over again until it becomes part of you.

For football lovers, what you see in Ronaldo that you love his dribbling and leg-over is the result of hard work. Likewise Ronaldinho who always stay back after the group, to practice on his own.

Hard-work pays. The road to success in life is in doing not in talking.


Over the years, millions of successful people have been asked what you think of most of the time. The answers tend to be the same all over. They only thing about successful thoughts in what they want and how to get them most of the time. They may start with no advantage but they accomplish more than the average persons.

On the contrary, unsuccessful people tend to think and talk about what they do not mean most of the time. They think and talk about who they are mad and who is to be blamed for their problems often. They do not understand why their lives do not improve, though they have been working as long as others. They slip into the habit of thinking and talking about their problems and who is to be blamed, thereby making the situation worse.

Successful people therefore, are more optimistic most of the time than average people.


I want to start by telling you that the only unbiased judge without partiality is God, the creator of everything. Mere saying does not mean all judges or law makers are corrupt, but i am saying that being a dictator is as a result of cheating others and depriving them of their rights.

ST. PAUL teaches us not to be a dictator but we should be an example that the whole flock can


Being a dictator may come in different form which you may not understand. It may come under the influence of superiority, position and so on. If you have people under you and you deprive them of their rights, then, you are a dictator and this is not .the teaching of JESUS CHRIST, through ST. PAUL.

‘When you lay good example that the whole people around you will walk on your path and this will affect their lives positively. You will feel very fulfilled and proud of yourself thereby making it ‘ possible for you to move freely among your people, and have your goals and dreams come true. Do not. act on every mistake made by people around you, but only when necessary and essential. Dwelling on their mistakes leads to dictatorship, thereby deviating from the teaching of our lord JESUS CHRIST

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