Tuesday , 16 July 2019
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Reason to give up smoking

People say that they use tobacco for a lot of different reasons—like stress relief, pleasure, or in public situations. First steps to give up is to learn why you feel like using tobacco. Then you can think about the motives you want to quit smoking. Why do people start smoking? Maximum smokers started at what time they were teens. Those who have …

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Benefits of Healthy Habits

A habit is well-defined in the Merriam-Webster vocabulary as a “typical way of conduct yourself something that somebody does often in ordered and repeated way.” The key expression in this explanation is “repeated”. Definitely, whatever activities you do to keep up your health, it is only over and done with repetition that you will accomplish your goals. Running a half-marathon …

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    DAILY SAFETY IMPORTANT TIPS TO EVERYBODY 1.  Never go to bed with your car’s fuel tank empty (No fuel). In case of an emergency, what if your good neighbor isn’t at home. 2.  Never employ a nanny you don’t know her home. Some of them are child traffickers in disguise. 3.   Never go to bed with your phone …

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How to keep your heart healthy

The heart of human is a special obligate organ that always pumps our blood throughout the human body via the circulatory system, supplying necessary oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing unnecessary carbon dioxide and other wastes. “The tissues of human body need a constant supply of nutrition in order to be active,” said Dr. Lawrence Phillips, a cardiologist …

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